In the community events, performances to see this weekend! Oct 1-4!

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TGIF! Kularts has a helpful list of events, performances & activities for our Bay Area, SF friends to check-out this weekend:


FRIDAY | OCT 2, 2015

 3rd Filipino American International Book Festival
Women of Malolos /Ang Kababaihan ng Malolos

San Francisco Main Library (Koret Auditorium)
2 – 4:30 PM
Screening of the film Women of Malolos (2014) written and produced by Nicanor G.Tiongson based on his book The Women of Malolos (Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2005). Q&A to follow with Dr. Nicanor Tiongson.


Kearny Street Workshop Presents 14th Annual APAture: Future Tense
Opening Reception (Visual Arts Showcase)
Arc Gallery & Studios (1246 Folsom St., SF)
6-10 PM | Website: LINK
Kearny Street Workshop, the Bay Area’s hub for Asian Pacific American arts, proudly presents APAture, a multi-day, multidisciplinary arts festival featuring a lineup of some of today’s most exciting emerging artists from the San Francisco Bay Area.


PCCN: Pilipino Counter Culture Night – 2015
Bindlestiff Studio
The Bindlestiff Players & world-renowned  LIKHA PILIPINO FOLK ENSEMBLE make their return with PCCN and this no-holds-barred extravaganza comedy and dance with new bonus material!


A.C.T.’s Strand Theater
7:30 PM | TICKETS: LINK Use special Kularts discount code: KAMONSTRESS
Theatrical adaptation of Pinoy author, Lysley Tenorio’s Monstress, explores the resilience of a community struggling to find a home in the ever-shifting sands of the American dream.


SATURDAY | OCT 3, 2015

3rd Filipino American International Book Festival
San Francisco Main Library
Authors and participants from the Philippines, Great Britain, Canada and from the United States gather to entertain, educate, and entice the public to the diversity of Filipino creativity from literature to film and textiles.


Parangal Presents Alamat, Legends
3300 College Dr, San Bruno, CA 94066
2 & 7 PM shows | TICKETS: LINK
Parangal Dance Company presents Alamat, Legends  - a cultural presentation about the legends, including rituals and cultural practices, of Kalinga, Ga’dang, T’boli, Bagobo-Tagabawa, and Maranao in the Philippines.


A.C.T.’s Strand Theater
2 & 7:30 PM | TICKETS: LINK Use special Kularts discount code: KAMONSTRESS


PCCN: Pilipino Counter Culture Night – 2015
Bindlestiff Studio
7 & 9 PM | TICKETS:


Kearny Street Workshop Presents 14th Annual APAture: Future Tense
Performing Arts Showcase
A.C.T.’s The Strand (The Rueff), 1127 Market St., SF
8 – 11 PM | TICKETS: LINK 
***Use these codes for discount prices: “CODEBREAKER” for $1 off a single event or “FUTURIST” for $5 off an all-access pass.***



SUNDAY | OCT 4, 2015

Ugnayan Lahi: Filipino American History Month Celebration
Asian Art Museum
Annual celebration of Filipino American heritage explores the past, present and future of Filipino art and culture in the Bay Area. This year’s theme is “Ugnayan Lahi,” the weaving of a cultural tapestry between generations. Longtime leaders and rising artists will share philosophies of community, art and language, reflecting on 400 years of Filipino American history.


3rd Filipino American International Book Festival
San Francisco Main Library


A.C.T.’s Strand Theater
2 & 7 PM | TICKETS: LINK Use special Kularts discount code: KAMONSTRESS 


Kearny Street Workshop Presents 14th Annual APAture: Future Tense
Literary Arts Showcase
Arc Gallery & Studios (1246 Folsom St., SF)
7 – 10 PM | TICKETS: LINK ***Use these codes for discount prices: “CODEBREAKER” for $1 off a single event or “FUTURIST” for $5 off an all-access pass.***

Congratulations on 50 years, NEA!!

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Kularts would like to send a special congrats
& thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts!

In addition to supporting the arts, thank you for supporting Kularts
&  Philippine arts in the Bay Area, CA! 


#ThankyouNEA #arts4US #arts4CA


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Calling all artists, artisans and parol maker extraordinaires —win $1000 commissioning reward to create your very own expression of a parol lantern!

In addition to this year’s annual Tala awards, FADF & Kularts will commission an artist/artisan to design and construct a grand parol lantern that will be featured prior to and during the 13th Annual Parol Lantern Festival & Parade!

Selected artist(s) will have from October 16 to December 1 to construct their winning Parol design. Artist(s) will receive a $250 max to bring their creation to life.* 

*FADF & Kularts can select up to 2 projects to support
*Artist(s) is allowed to go over $250 budget, but must supply additional funds


Let the wonders of nature inspire your design!

The Philippines is an archipelago comprised of 7,107 islands with an unparalleled diverse ecological landscape. Design & construct a parol lantern inspired by elements of nature: plants, sea creatures, birds, animals, tropical rainforest, land formations, mountains & volcanoes. 

Create a parol lantern based on elements or element of natural world incorporating the distinct multi-dimensional star formation into your parol lantern.


1) MUST be at least 6 ft (in width or height)
2) MUST be a lantern with working lights
3) MUST incorporate star formation into the design
4) MUST be at least 3 dimensional




SHE, WHO CAN SEE REVIEW by Jeanette Gandionco Lazam

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Does water have texture?  I think it does. When it is calm it runs from our faucet smoothly; when it is in violent motion, it is like the ocean crashing and breaking  against the rocks and shoreline; and when it has large, thunderous ripples, it has an all consuming under tow that pulls you in and never lets you go. And such was the multimedia production of SHE, WHO CAN SEE, created and conceived by Alleluia Panis, Founder of Kularts and the Alleluia Panis Dance Theatre.

Fifty-six minutes of sheer pleasure and wondrous delight, never really knowing what the next motion would be until it arrives on stage like Helen of Troy and the massive wooden horse.

alexThe main character of Salima, is danced dynamically by Alexandra Diaz De Fato, a woman with the ability to communicate with spirits/entities/energies – a gift with enormous responsibility and overwhelming consequence. Western contemporary society considers this a medical condition, while Philippine indigenous culture as well as “tribal” or aboriginal cultures of the world, revere this ability to communicate with the ancients as a most precious and sacred gift.

In the opening scene, we witness the arrival of the spirits, swirling about on stage, making their intention known that they are here to stay until claimed by the protagonist, Salima.

Offsetting the spirits’ arrival is Nico, the love interest of Salima, whose devotion to Salima can never be questioned nor dismissed as he playfully holds her in his arms as they embrace every corner of the stage.

And it is here we catch the first glimpse of two powerful forces that can tilt the balance of forces one way or the other: The power of Love, and the power of the Spirit World.  These two powers are not necessarily diametrically opposed opposites, but it is forces nonetheless that can join together to achieve a common goal; and in this case it is Salima coming to terms with her “gift” and Nico as well, honoring it.

Enough cannot be said of the incredible creation of the musical score for SHE, WHO CAN SEE by composer and arranger, Florante Aguilar.  As one of the leading figures championing Philippine music art forms in the United States and internationally, Mr. Aguilar, brings his music hauntingly and defiantly through the twists and turns of Salima and Nico’s struggles to understand and grasp the power of the spirits to awaken the gift that resides inside of her.

His use of the guitar liltingly and sometimes hauntingly, leans us toward the romanticism of the Philippine style and music of the Kundiman with such passion that the audience is whisked away to a “bygone” era of a woman standing at her balcony under the stars and moonlight,  serenaded by a love-lorn lover.alex

But all that serenity is brought to a crashing blow in several acts as the mouth harp and the Kulintang are introduced as the fierceness and boldness of the spirit world is brought on stage.

Interspersed with the sound of gongs and the mouth harp, the frenzied wildness is brought up to a fever pitch with the introduction of modern jazz and hip hop which makes for several incredible dance pieces that can practically lift you off your feet!

The effective use of film also plays a powerful role in drawing out the storyline when dance and “live” motion cannot.  Eloquently filmed by Wilfred Galila, he brings us to an apartment, neighborhood, and time period that is no different than perhaps, anyone in the audience.  And yet he is able to bring to life in grainy black and white footage, the constant pull and tug of the spirits on Salima and lastly Nico as these two attempt to understand what is happening all around them.

SHE, WHO CAN SEE is a treat worth trekking to see!  Live, video or in film.



Alexandra Diaz De Fato, as Salima
Gregory Manalo, as Nico
Samantha “Sammay” Dizon, as Ragat Entity
Jonathan Mercado, as Ig Entity
June Arellano, as Ahara Entity
Rebecca Fazio, as Kimat Entity

By:  Jeanette Gandionco Lazam

Oakland, California


September 15, 2015

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