Sultan Surab explains his side in new blog entry: Duty over Guilt

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Sultan Surab has gained quite a reputation for ousting Masikampo Pang-lima, but it’s not easy being the Sultan! Explore the thoughts running through our Sultan Surab with the newest Maség Typhoon blog entry:

If you haven’t already, get the other perspective from Pang-lima with his recent blog post:

There’s only three weeks left before the premiere of our production – share the entries with your friends and travel to the imagined typhoon-battered island of Puló before the show!

Meet Masikampo Pang-lima in our first exclusive Maség blog entry

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Pang-lima1Step into the mind of Masikampo Pang-lima as he declares his hatred for Sultan Surab and his current exiled state on the island of Puló, in our first exclusive Maség blog post: Entry #1: Pang-lima’s Rage

Every week leading into our Nov. 15 & 16 Maség (Typhoon) premiere, read blog posts from our beloved characters and other specialty posts inspired by Maség.

Spread the love! Share the posts with your friends to help them learn all the ins and outs of the storyline before attending the show. 

To meet the other characters, purchase advance tickets and sharpen your Maség knowledge go to:

Typhoon Alert! Maség Is Coming!

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After a truly successful crowdfunding campaign with 134 funders, raising over $12,000, we are excited to announce that we have created a website to prepare everyone for the coming storm:





Get exclusive insight look into the realm of Maség before it premieres Nov. 15 & 16. In preparation for the production we’ll be offering Maség specials you can only get on the website: exclusive character blog posts. limited ticket offers,  and other surprises!
STORY pic Discover the world of Maség.




CAST picLearn about the stars of the show.




Shop PicBuy advance tickets, posters, t-shirts and support Pilipino arts






Tribal Tour 2015 Applications Due Wed. 10/15

October 14, 2014 in Tribal Tour


Submit your application tomorrow for a chance to participate in Tribal Tour 2015!

From February 1 – 12, participants will attend a one-of-a-kind 12 day Tribal Tour to the island of Mindanao:
→  Gain an understanding of the Southern PI myths, cosmology & ancient ways of knowing
→  Absorb the meanings behind sacred music and dances
→  Engage with local tribal leaders, shamans, healers and master artists
→  Taste the delectable savory flavors of authentic Mindanaon cuisine
All the while preserving indigenous Pilipino culture!!


Ready to sign up? 

Please fill out the form:

To do it online fill out the form on Wufoo



Download, print & mail the application


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