Contribute to the Ma’ARTES Crowdfunding Campaign

April 9, 2015 in 2015 Pinoy Arts Fest, Ma'ARTES Festival

We have officially launched our Ma’ARTES Festival: 30 Day Crowdfunding campaign! Your tax-deductible contributions will help support 3 free events during the month-long Festival, May 2015. 

We have amazing rewards for all of our funders! From specially designed tote bags, to commemorative Ma’ARTES t-shirts, theater passes to Alleluia Panis’ world premiere She, Who Can See and Christina Ying’s There’s The Moon and Then There’s You - directed by Lorna Velasco, special invite to our exclusive funders party, festival sponsor credit and an imported t’nalak! 

There’s also an option in lieu of rewards, to have your full monetary contribution go to the Ma’ARTES Festival.

To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign, the reward tiers and contribute go to: Ma’ARTES FESTIVAL CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN PAGE


$20 Ma’ARTES Ally: Receive A LIMITED EDITION commemorative Ma’ARTES tote bag featuring our neo-tribal graphics. Perfect for the farmer’s market or any occasion


$35 Ma’ARTES Fan: Get The LIMITED EDITION commemorative Ma’ARTES t-shirt. Wear your support of the festival like a stylish badge of honor.


$50Give the public free outdoor performances by world renowned artists by becoming a Friend of the festival. With your support you’ll receive the LIMITED EDITION commemorative Ma’ARTES t-shirt and a ticket to your choice of 1 of the special Ma’ARTES theater shows.









$75 Ma’ARTES Theater Aficionado: Become a Theater Aficionado receive 1 ticket to both Ma’ARTES special theater presentations at the Bindlestiff Studios along with our LIMITED EDITION commemorative t-shirt . Your supports helps provide the community free outdoor performances by world renowned artists.







$150 Ma’ARTES Champion of the Arts: We can’t produce this festival without our Champions. Be a Champion of the Arts and in return you’ll be invited to our exclusive funder’s party. You’ll also get a PAIR of tickets to BOTH of the special theater shows along with a LIMITED EDITION commemorative t-shirt


$500 Ma’ARTES Patron of the Arts: The Patron Of The Arts let’s the world know that angels do exist and are willing to give support a great cause. By becoming Patron you’ll be able to share all that the Ma’ARTES festival has to offer with 3 friends. You will receive Festival Sponsor Credit, 4 Tickets to the Private Funder Party, and both of our special theater performances “She, Who Can See” and “There’s The Moon, And Then There’s You” along with 4 of our LIMITED EDITION commemorative t-shirts.










$1000 Ma’ARTES Producer: Become and an integral part of the arts community and share the experience with your friends. A Producer of Ma’ARTES festival will receive an imported T’nalak handwoven fabric, selected by Alleluia Panis herself during her extensive travels in the hinterlands of the Philippines. Along with this rare piece, you’ll receive all the perks of a VIP-like sponsor credit, theater passes, and commemorative t-shirts.

Volunteer for the first ever Ma’ARTES FESTIVAL!

March 7, 2015 in 2015 Pinoy Arts Fest, Ma'ARTES Festival

Ma'ARTES picKularts in partnership with Filipino American Development Foundation & API Cultural Center are presenting the first Ma’ARTES Festival (May 1 – June 7) and we would LOVE for you to be a part of the festivities.

We’re looking for volunteers to assist us throughout the festival – from set-up, ushering, tabling and clean-up we need your help.

Check out the linked volunteer form and sign up for the days you’re available to help out. 

If you commit 6 hours we’ll give you an awesome Ma’ARTES Festival t-shirt you can keep and wear throughout the festival. (Design will be available soon)

We also have great leadership opportunities for University aged+ folks including:

1 Ma’ARTES Office Intern

1 Production Assistant for Alleluia Panis’ She, Who Can See

1 Production Assistant for SOMA Pilipinas Arts Fair

2 Production Assistants for Carlos Celdran’s Waaalk This Way!!! performance

- and our marketing team Plinth Agency  is also looking for an ongoing production design intern to assist with various projects.

Learn more about the volunteer opportunities and sign up by going to:

2015 Ma’ARTES Festival Volunteer Form

** Volunteers, please complete the form by FRIDAY, APRIL 24 2015

For those applying for internships / production assistant positions please complete the form by FRIDAY, MARCH 20 2015.


Big thank you to our 2014 Kularts Sponsors!

February 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Kularts-MVPBehind every successful organization is a group of loyal supporters.   

We’re gearing up for an eventful year at Kularts and it would not be possible without support from these individual donors! 

This post is dedicated to our  MVPs, thank you for going above and beyond: 


Maya Ong Escudero is a quadruple talent with 20+ years in education, development, community activism, fundraising, and on top of that a huge supporter of Pilipino Arts. 

Bernadette Borja Sy is an authentic  leader in the community. 
She’s sincere, humble and effective – we love teaming up with her! 
Anchila Canoy Monks has participated in Kularts projects since the beginning, she’s a true longtime supporter!


Lydia Neff  is a rising star in the Pilipino community. She’s a cultural arts writer bringing a fresh perspective to Pilipino events in the Bay Area.  


Sharada Bose amazes us with her multiple years in leadership and management and her devotion to Abhinaya Dance Company and YWCA.


Iraida Que aka I.Q. De Vera is a savvy Filipina business woman and we love her enthusiasm to promote the preservation of Filipino arts & culture. 


June Arellano  is our Pang-lima, our costume designer extraordinaire and a cherished member of the Kularts family. 


Hanmin Liu & Jennifer Mei are a dynamic philanthropic duo. They’re true local leaders working to help empower the community. 


Linda Luceŕo & Ray Moisa are a powerhouse pair filled with creativity and love for the arts. We’re grateful for their continuous efforts to keep the local arts scene flourishing.


Emil Guillermo has been a longtime voice for the Bay Area Pilipino Community with Amok. We’re proud to call him a Kularts supporter.


Marcella Pabros-Clark, Kularts co-founder is an artist with a passion in holistic healing, and she’s a vital piece of Kularts!


Gabriela “Biba” Fullon, [CIMA] Mag Pinay co-founder and educator, inspires us as she embraces her roots and diligently works to dare folks to invent the future.


Eric Solano is a rising Folkloric Dance star. He’s the Artistic Director for Parangal Dance Company and we’re blown away by his talents.


Edwin Lozada is a writer, poet and educator who fascinates us with his collections of beautiful bilingual poetry.

Lucy San Pablo Burns is an amazing educator, scholar, writer and dramaturg. Lucy has consistently supported Kularts over the years and it’s a real honor to have her support! 

Get a glimpse into Tribal Tour 2015!

February 24, 2015 in Tribal Tour


After 13 days of exploring and immersing into Mindanao culture our Tribal Tour participants are excited to share their experiences.  

Take a look into their adventures: 


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