Double the Early Bird Specials: Wawa Jay Loyola’s Dance Workshop+Audition AND Philippine Dialogue!!! Limited time only!

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Calling all advanced & intermediate dancers!!

Register for workshop intensive with Philippine Dance Master Wawa Jay Loyola for a chance to be cast in his new Kularts commissioned dance theater production: Bae Makiling, World Premiere Sept, 2016!




Art is a vital component of our cultural identity.

With the recently approved SoMa Pilipinas District, now more than ever it is essential for us to courageously discuss the diverse and powerful iterations of Philippine arts in the works of artists in the diaspora.

The event brings together funders, local and international artists for meaningful interaction and exchanges. Focused on the next generation of practitioners and creators we invite you to come share your experiences, your best practices and challenges!


*Early Bird discount price! Now til April 30th*

5/13 Friday, Kick-off the event with a Kamayan Dinner at Bayanihan Center to honor those amazing artistic leaders who have highly influenced Philippine Dance & Culture in the diasporas.

5/14 Saturday, dive deeply into what it means to be the new generation of practicing artists in North America who create works rooted in the Philippines arts.  

Participate in the discussion on tough issues we face today:

  • creative process

  • breaking cultural appropriation

  • economics of the arts

  • credits, copyrights & ownership

Presenters to date: Eric Solano-Director of Parangal Dance; Desi Danganan- Plinth Agency; Jay Loyola-Philippine Dance Master; Jenny Bawer Young-Kalinga Weaver & Dancer; Jodinand Aguillon- Director of HATAW Performing Arts, Canada; Kristian Kabuay-Baybayin Art; Kat Estacio-Pantayo, Canada; Robynn Takayama-SF Arts Commission; Lily Kharazzi- Alliance for California Traditional Arts; Herna Cruz-Louie, American Center of Philippine Arts AND MORE


Final Kwentóhan Exhibit adventure at Manilatown Center – Closing Reception THIS Sun April 17!

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Kwentóhan: Pinoy Stories in Pictures & Words Exhibition
@ I-Hotel Manilatown Center
6 – 7:30 PM

Join us for our Kwentóhan Closing Adventure! We’re wrapping up our current exhibition with a demo from the artists, food & refreshments and one last chance to view the exhibition at Manilatown Center.

Don’t forget we will have limited copies of Kwentóhan: Splendor of Wound comic book, AND all five limited edition Clan of Saints Bay postcards will be available to purchase at the Closing Reception!!


Kwentóhan: Pinoy Stories in Pictures and Words, gives visual presence to the San Francisco Pilipino community and contextualizes the Pilipino American narrative through graphic illustrations.

Featuring, cartoonist/poet Trinidad Escobar’s Kwentóhan: Splendor of Wound, a 52-page comic book inspired by stories of five Pilipino Americans in San Francisco.

Illustrator/concept designer Don Aguillo created poster art and illustrator/designer Raf Salazar created web comic series of Kwentóhan: SOMA Superheroes Edition: Clan of Saints Bay graphic-novel style artworks of heroes’ adventures in a fantastical universe – inspired by community members’ stories and people they believe exemplify heroism in the community.


Save the Date: Christine Balance’s San Francisco Book Launch – June 4, 2016!

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Join us for a conversation with Dr. Christine Bacareza Balance, Ph.D. and the San Francisco book launch of her first book Tropical Renditions: Making Musical Scenes in Filipino America (April 2016, Duke University Press).


When: Saturday, June 4, 2016

Program time: 7pm-8:30pm (light refreshments will be served), Doors will open at 6:30pm

Reception and book-signing: 8:30pm-9:30pm

Where: Bayanihan Community Center, 1010 Mission Street @ 6th, SF

Tropical Renditions is an ambitious and exhilarating study that beckons us to listen carefully to the underground sound of Filipino and Filipino American ‘translocal’ cultures. Christine Bacareza Balance takes her readers to a range of sonic ‘scenes’ in the Filipino diaspora—from karaoke house parties to Pinoy indie rock shows to the experimental performance spaces of Jessica Hagedorn and the West Coast Gangster Choir, in turn showcasing an insurgent musicality that speaks back to and, in many ways, sings through and against the long roll of imperial violence. Like a radical postcolonial mixtape, Balance’s book captures the urgency of Filipino identity in sonic motion.” — Daphne A. Brooks, author of Bodies in Dissent: Spectacular Performances of Race and Freedom, 1850–1910

Purchasing the book
The book will be available for purchase ($24). While you have a few options to purchase this book, all sales for books purchased at the event will go directly to Kularts & the SoMa Pilipinas, Filipino Cultural Heritage District.

About the Book
For more information please visit Duke University Press

About the Author
Christine Bacareza Balance is Associate Professor in Asian American Studies at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). For the 2014-2015 academic year, she was a Faculty Fellow in the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University. Balance is also one-ninth of the Polynesian-inspired indie rock band The Jack Lords Orchestra. She also continues her work on an anthology, in collaboration with Lucy San Pablo Burns (UCLA), entitled CALIFORNIA DREAMING: PRODUCTION AND AESTHETICS IN ASIAN AMERICAN ART.

Sponsor Wilfred’s Run for Kularts!

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Written by Wilfred Galila:

On April 17, 2016, I will be running 13.1 miles at the Napa Valley Silverado Trail Half-Marathon in honor of Kularts, a non-profit organization that is a bastion of Pilipino art in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 30 years. Kularts, through the guidance of Artistic and Executive Director Alleluia Panis, is instrumental to my awakening as a person and as an artist.

            I humbly ask you to support Kularts by sponsoring my half-marathon run. All proceeds will be directly benefiting Kularts. Your donation can be as low as $1 per mile ($13.10) or as great as $100 per mile. All sponsorship/donations will receive a tax-deductible donation letter directly from Kularts, all donors/sponsors will be listed on the Kularts website, and your spirit of generosity and support will boost me towards the finish line.

            One day, in October of 2015, after not having run for more than 30 years, I decided to buy a pair of running shoes and just went for it. Half a mile later, I thought I was going to die. It was hard, yet it gave me a taste of a joyful feeling that I have forgotten and have not experienced in a very long time. It brought back the same feeling I had as a child, at play on (what seemed like) endless afternoons in the Philippines, running around in flip flops chasing my playmates in a game of tag, hide and seek, tumbang preso, and sometimes just running for the sake of running; after all children are natural runners, and are great at it until repeatedly discouraged from the “bad” behavior. Sore and out of breath but fueled by the promise of joy, I relearned an activity that was natural to me many years ago. I learned how to run again; how to use parts of my body that for years were in a semi-dormant state, how to play again after being conditioned that grown ups shouldn’t, how to enjoy the warm sun, the cool wind, and the refreshing rain on my face, how to displace space and time stride after stride, how to breathe, how not to worry and just be. My legs and lungs became stronger, my heart became more resilient, my mind became clearer, and my spirit became happier. A mile became two, two miles became three… the endorphins kicked in and I realized (albeit remembered) what running is all about: running is our birthright, running is living and being alive, running is freedom and equality, and ultimately running is an art form, beneficial to the body but most essential to the spirit, a metaphor for the journeys we go through in life, with all the suffering and joy that comes with it, as well as being an act of creation, for if running is a form of recreation, then I can say that I recreate myself every time I run–I emerge from the experience transformed.

Amused by my newfound quixotic passion, a friend asked jokingly, “What are you running from?” I replied, “It’s not what I’m running from but what I am running towards.” As with running, my experience with Kularts resulted in the rediscovery and understanding of what and who I am–a Pilipino. Kularts has fostered my abilities as a multimedia artist, from a disillusioned immigrant from the Philippines under the illusion of an American dream to an awakened medium with a message.  In this regard I am running for the continuation of Kularts’ legacy: the presentation of Pilipino tribal and contemporary art in the San Francisco Bay Area, the nurturing of emerging artists, the vocation of spreading the love and pride for one’s own culture, and the process of recovering and discerning a history and an identity that has been buried and rewritten.  

           Here’s to many more transformative years of Kularts in the San Francisco Bay Area and the world! Madamo nga salamat! Mabuhay ang Kularts!

           Please send your donation/sponsorship directly to Kularts’ Paypal account HERE or via check to Kularts 474 Faxon Ave SF, CA 94112


SEND CHECK TO: Kularts 474 Faxon Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112


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